PDF Highlighter Cloudflare App

Add PDF viewer with search terms highlighting to your web site in minutes!

Installing PDF Highlighter Cloudflare App on your web site you get:

  • All PDF links open in a web standards based PDF viewer.
  • Keywords highlighted if the PDF is opened from a search results page.


Few examples of third party web sites and options to use.

Example #1:

  • URL: https://search.usa.gov/search?utf8=✓&affiliate=fema
  • Query Selector: input#query

Example #2:

  • URL: https://search.epa.gov/epasearch/epasearch
  • Query Selector: .search-term
  • Query Caching: 5 (query caching is needed here because PDF is not directly linked on the results page)

Setting Up PDF Highlighter Cloudflare App

Note: Setting up PDF highlighting requires understanding of CSS selectors. If you need any help, feel free to contact us.

PDF link selector defines which links should open in PDF viewer. The default value should work for most web sites where PDF document is linked directly.

Default value: a[href=‘.pdf’], a[href=‘.PDF’]

Query Selector

To highlight search terms in PDF, the selector should point to the query input box or page element showing search terms in the search results page.

Query Caching Time (minutes)

If the page containing search query does not link directly to PDF documents (e.g. you have an intermediary page showing some metadata), use caching to save query for the specified time (in minutes). When a PDF is opened and there’s no query on the current page, the cached query will be used for document highlighting.

Zero value (default) means there’s no query caching.


Selected language tells PDF Highlighter how to analyze document text and affects query keyword matching.

Use the “General” profile for language neutral search. This is case-insensitive exact term matching.

Language specific profiles enable additional search features like stop terms and stemming.

Viewer Options

Hit Navigation

Select how do you want hit navigation in PDF viewer to work. Navigation can be from one matching page to the other, or from one matching keyword to the other — in which case the currently selected keyword is marked.

Don’t show PDF Highlighter error messages

If selected, the viewer will not show highlighting error message details.

Don’t show PDF Highlighter notices

If selected, the viewer will not show informational messages in the bottom of the view area. Any message is automatically hidden after 5 seconds.

Crawler Options

PDF document analysis is a resource intensive task - the more pages of text a document has, the more time is needed for search term highlighting. Web site crawling allows PDF Highlighter to analyze and index your documents before they’re requested by users, significantly improving response time.

The number of crawled files is limited by your subscription plan and includes not only PDF documents but also HTML pages and any other files the crawler followed. Use options below to guide and control crawler behavior.

If highlighting was requested for any PDF document that was not picked up by the crawler, the document will be highlighted but this “on the fly” analysis comes with a performance penalty.

Start URLs

List of URLs to start crawling from. Specify absolute URLs, one per line.

The crawler will follow only links that point to pages on the same web site (with the same schema, hostname and port if specified).

Max Depth

How many level deep to crawl from start URL(s). Default is -1 (unlimited).

Exclude File Extensions

Comma separated list of file extensions that should not be crawled.

Exclusion Rules (regex)

Regular expressions, one per line, defining URLs to exclude.

User Agent

Custom User-Agent HTTP header for PDF Highlighter’s crawler to use. You could use this option, for example, as a workaround for passing through authentication or to identify PDF Highlighter in your web server’s access logs.

Misc Options


Use to specify on which pages should this application be installed.

Enable this option to visually verify page elements matching query and PDF link selectors. Found PDF links will be marked with a red border, query element with coral.

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